Company Name dotBravo,Inc.
(Changed effective July 1, 2021)
Found July 2019
Location 60-1 Motoichiba, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture(Relocated on July 1, 2021)
CEO Masatoshi Mori
Main Business Deep Tech Development, Consulting, Systems Development, Software Development, Hardware Development, Gadget Development
Capital 10 million yen (The fiscal year ending March,3rd term)
Counselor Kotohira Law Office
Main bank Mizuho Bank, Shoko Chukin Bank, Japan Finance Corporation
Partners CasCogni zer(China) / Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. / Pactera Consulting Japan Co., Ltd. / Surpass Co.,Ltd. / NEO CAREER CO., LTD. / PINO LLC / 1031,Inc. / Others About 50 companies
Store More than 80 companies nationwide
Product Introduction Results 18,000 locations 750M sales (FY2020)
IP(Patents, trademarks, etc.) QuickHygieneTerminal(Trademark), dotCube(Design patent), etc.


2003 Started development of "matchupper", the base of dotBravo,Inc.
2009 Development and commercialization of EEG sensor "NeuroHarmony" using sensor technology
2019 Developed an authentication model using Computer Vision in collaboration with CAS Cognizer
Established AtrioJapan in Japan, primarily as a consulting firm that manages licenses
2019.7 ATRIO JAPAN,Inc. was founded with the meaning of being a gateway to the world's technology Capital 1 million yen
Established primarily for the purpose of license management of dotBravo,Inc. and as a company specializing in marketing in Japan
CAS&.Bravo jointly developed the first "Face Recognition Terminal Model 1" under the model name "Quick Hygiene Terminal"
2019.12 Signed an exclusive distribution agreement with CAS Cognizer for "Quick Hygiene Terminal" in Japan.
2020.1.1 Founded in San Francisco with WONOLO COO AJ Brustein and CAS Cognizer CEO Wu Jun
2020.3.15 Quick Hygiene Terminal prototype released
2020.3.27 dotBravo registration completed
2020.4.7 Quick Hygiene Terminal sales / 2020.4~12 Approximately 4,000 locations and 180 dealers
2020.6.18 Changed registration from ATRIO JAPAN,Inc. to dotBravoJapan,Inc.
Increased capital to 10 million yen to position the company as a Japanese branch of dotBravo,Inc. in the U.S.
Establishment of call centers and systems for user support
2020.11 dotCube sales
2020.12 QHT and dotCube sales in approximately 10,000 locations nationwide
2020.12.15 dotCube and Animation Collaboration Movie "Stay in the Starry Sky" Released
2020 Achieved 750M in sales through the development of face-recognition thermometers and other products at Corona Disaster
2021.7 US company representative Mori becomes CEO with 100% shareholding
Mikuriya joins as CTO, Hotehama as CSO, and Tanaka as CFO
Changed the registration of dotBravo,Inc. from dotBravoJapan,Inc. to dotBravo,Inc.
2021 Developing new products
・Zingbay ・QHT2 ・Qlione ・Wriscale ・ALGORITHM ・SetaSKR ・Wasabeen ・UnsungAlgorithm